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GTX 1080 – What’s Not Being Discussed

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GTX 1080 – What’s Not Being Discussed

GTX 1080

Ansel And Nvidia Gamewoks Coming To VR

  The GTX 1080 was revealed to the world on May 6th, 2016 and there has been a ton of hype surrounding the GTX 1080\1070. Obviously the hype train went off the rails once Nvidia started revealing information about the GTX 1080 and enthusiast speculation started to run wild. Nvidia kicked off the presentation with Ansel. Which is basically tech we’ve had for a long time now, but the difference is that you can adjust various image quality settings in-game, including upscaling and take a picture directly in-game. Instead of using print screen, your favorite program that capture in-game screenshots or using the built-in screenshot function that some games offer, Nvidia has you covered. I’m not sure how many gamers still use print screen, but I’m sure the non-savviest users aren’t using print screen at all. Ansel also allows gamers to control the camera and take 360 shots. This feature won't be supported in all games.

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