Sythetic Benchmarks
Unigine - Heaven, Valley & SuperPosition

Unigine's Heaven, Valley and most recently SuperPosition are very well known benchmarking and stability tools. Even though Unigine's Heaven intially released in 2009, later with Valley in 2013 and SuperPosition in 2017, all three tools gives gamers valuble information across several generations of different GPU architectures. The benchmarking tools are also gorgeous and Heaven still looks great by todays standards so don't be fooled by it's age, it still can grind the greatest GPUs released over the past 10 years today to their knees easily.

Superposition Benchmark v1.1

1920x1080p - High Score: 10,685
3840x2160p - 4K Optimized Score: 6,577

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0

2560x1440p - Ultra Score: 2455
3840x2160p - Ultra Score: 1041

Valley Benchmark v1.0

2560x1440p - Ultra Score: 4108
3840x2160p - Ultra Score: 1998

Real Time Benchmarks™

Superposition Benchmark v1.1 - In-depth Analysis

Similar to previous Unigine benchmarks tools, Superposition includes a “game” mode where you can load up the scene in any resolution and control the camera. Not only can you control the camera, but you can control different elements in the scene as well such as the time of day slider. SuperPosition has areas in this mode where you can interact with objects in the game; interactive objects such as pulling a lever to change the time of the day or picking up chalk to write on a chalkboard.

Going a little deeping I decided to analyze the game mode where I could actually control different elements in the scene. I loaded up the game mode and walked around the scene while pulling several levers for fun. Here are my results after 2 in a half minutes of gameplay using the built-in 4K Optimized preset.