Resident Evil 2

The original (1998) Resident Evil 2 is one of my favorite video game releases of all time and the remake has quickly gone to the top of one of my favorite games to date. This remake of the original RE2 is just as great as the GameCube remake of Resident Evil 1 (REmake). This game is also optimized very well and Capcom has provided us with a seamless experience. There are no loading screens for a large portion of the game once you start playing. Even when it comes to the cutscenes and events the game continues to flow smoothly. Beyond the awesome gameplay this title sports a lot of graphical features that are easy to comprehend and set.

My Fury X couldn’t handle two graphical settings when set to their max settings @ 4K (“Shadows” and “Mesh” settings) so I was forced to use the very next setting “High”. Using the “High” setting was great since it was the very next setting and the image quality was still superb. The other limitation I faced was the 4GB vRAM on the Fury X. Although I could run the game with max textures (8GBs), this had a bad effect at higher resolutions such as 4K. At lower resolutions such as 1080p and and 1440p using max textures wasn’t that bad. Using "SSAO" also ran better on my Fury X.

All of that changes with the RX Vega 64. I decided to use the “Max” Preset which obviously maxes all of the graphics settings, but I used HDAO this time around instead of SSAO. I now have a 8GB vRAM buffer and plenty of horsepower to drive this game. That last statement doesn't mean that the Fury X (Fiji) was “bad”, but hitting that 4GB vRAM buffer was rather easy which required lowering several settings in many games. The much newer Vega architecture has updated tech that handles certain workloads better now when it comes to lighting and textures. Therefore I maxed all of the settings and benchmarked. This game uses up to 12.63GBs of vRAM or at least that's what the game "claims" to use'.

Resident Evil 2 - vRAM Requirements @ 4K

Resident Evil 3

RE3 is more up to date since it release a few months ago in April 2020. Following the same settings above in the RE2 benchmarks, I used the same "Max" Preset with HDAO in RE3. Overall the game plays just as well as RE2.