Here we are, roughly six months after my previous RX Vega 64 2020 article and as you can see it still packs a punch in 2021. I’d like focused on the current used prices of the RX Vega 64. The price for a used RX Vega 64 has gone up since my last review. Prior to my Vega 64 2020 review you could easily snag one for around $100-$230, normally around $200, I checked. After I released my review the prices went up to $250-$350+ depending on the model and the cheaper models were purchased quickly.

I did a recent check at the beginning of January 2021 going back to December 22nd 2020 and the average price of a RX Vega 64 was $355.51. That price ranges from $249-$600! The majority of the GPUs sold were in the $300-$400 range. So it’s safe to say that people are noticing the great performance that this GPU offers.

Now if you only include 2021 results and exclude December 2020, a used RX Vega 64 from January 1st 2021 to the time I wrote this portion of the article, shows that the average price is $393. The price range is $265 to $499. The prices are still high after my last 2020 review and doesn't appear to be going down anytime soon. These numbers will change over time so keep that in mind. So in other words the price percentage between the "cheapest" and most "expensive" Vega 64, that I could verify, has increased by nearly 500%. The "average" price for a Vega 64 has increased by 97% since the last review! The GPU shortage with the RTX 3000 and Radeon 6000 series doesn’t help prices either.
Here are the prices that I could verify in the chart below.

Besides the current used price there really isn’t much to complain about. Right out of the box at stock clocks this card offers nice performance in 2021. I have provided 29 benchmarks for the Vega 64 across two articles to show how well it performs 3 years later. The RX Vega 64 performed well against many games I threw at it with maxed settings. There are many more games that were benchmarked in my previous article as well so be sure to check out those results. Certain games might need some settings tweaked to optimize the 4K experience, but this GPU is a solid 1080p & 1440p card. 4K can also be great depending on the game API code, optimizing graphical settings and ultimately it's up to the gamer requirements. I have no issues playing certain games at 35+ FPS at 4K. Some gamers require 60fps or more. You can check the Power Consumption from my previous article to get an idea of how much wattage was pulled and how to control the Power Consumption effectively.

AMD had some driver issues, but they seem to have resolved their issues. I didn’t like the fact that AMD let their GPU driver issues get out of hand and went into overdrive mode to correct the problems before the RTX 6000 release. I went from a Fury X to a Vega 64 so I had to do a bit of research on the driver issues gamers have experienced over the past year or so. AMD needs to ensure gamers that they will get superior driver support for the years to come especially if they are asking upwards towards $700-$1000 for their GPUs now. It shouldn’t take a big GPU release to ensure gamers that their GPU driver issues will be resolved. Regardless, AMD has a new report tool that they have been using over the past few months and they are fixing their bugs while ironing out other issues. I didn’t experience any issues while benchmarking and enjoying many games on the current drivers so that’s great news.

I'd also like to add that AMD software stack is still top notch. I do personally wish they would bring back the Crimson GUI during the Fury era as an options, but nothing can last forever. The currrent GUI takes a little time for a new comer to get familar with, but overall it works fine. That's a big bonus for AMD. The Radeon Software is great and does just anything you need it to do.

The overclocked X58 platform is still holding up along with AMD's RX Vega 64. Performance was great just as it was in the previous article. Well programmed gaming titles that leverage Async Compute and modern workloads will ensure that the GPU isn’t starved for data. I’m hoping that Vulkan along with Async Compute is widely adopted and we can get more gaming titles with great performance such as Doom Eternal. Next on my list is a X58 + RTX 3080 article\review. Stay Tuned.

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