Doom Eternal

Let’s start the Vega 64 + X58 2021 benchmarks off with a title using the Vulkan API that is well programmed, Doom Eternal. This sequel is the follow up the 2016 Doom release. Graphically the game is stunning, the music tracks are very nice and the enemies are still deadly as ever. I disabled Motion Blur because….why not? Motion Blur with fast paced games is never a good combo; actually Motion Blur is normally overdone and almost never truly needed in most games I play. As you can see the RX Vega 64 along with the X58 has no problem pumping out tons of frames at all resolutions using Ultra Nightmare Settings. I have included a YouTube video below showing my X58+Vega 64 running Doom Eternal with Ultra Nightmare graphical settings below.

Real Time Benchmarks™

X58 + Vega 64 4K - Doom Eternal Gameplay

X58 + Vega 64 1080p - Doom Eternal Gameplay