Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider was a game that I previously benchmarked in my previous Vega 64 + X58 2020 Review last year. I decided to re-visit this title since I am running my CPU clocked higher (4.0Ghz to 4.6Ghz) along with tighter RAM timings, 1100Mhz on the Vega 64 HBM and the latest AMD Radeon drivers. It is worth noting that the Vega 64 GPU Core clock has not been overclocked and is running stock clocks.

The results were more interesting than I was expecting. Shadow of the Tomb Raider supports DirectX12 and Async Compute which AMD GPUs have supported natively for years. My previous results were great in my last Vega 2020, but this time around in 2021 the CPU was able to feed more data to the GPU. At 4K the GPU naturally became more of the bottleneck, but with the HBM overclocked, the CPU overclocked higher and using the latest Radeon drivers, we can see positive results across the board.

Looking at the 2560x1440p results we can see an increase of 18% in the average FPS category. FPS Minimum Caliber (the lowest FPS you can expect to see during gameplay) also increase by 15%. The game ran great before, but the extra performance is nice to see.

Moving on the 4K results we see that I have gained an 10% increase in the average FPS area and 5% increase in the FPS Minimum in both areas. FPS Max doesn’t mean much since that’s what you’ll see only 0.1% of the the time. FPS Max Caliber is a better representation of the Max FPS you can expect to experience in most cases. Check the charts above for the results as well as the percentage increases across the board.

Internal Benchmark Tool

We will now check out the Internal Benchmark numbers using the benchmark tool that is built into the game. I prefer to use actual gameplay as a better mretric for actual performance, but occasionally I will share both results. At 1440p I was able to render 14% more frames while running my CPU at 4.6Ghz instead of 4Ghz. The GPU average FPS was increased by 14% as well. At 4.6Ghz I was able to pump out a nice percentage increase across the board. When running the 4K benchmark I was able to render 14% more frames.

1440p - Internal Benchmark

3840x2560p (4K) - Internal Benchmark

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