Control supports both DX11 and DX12, but honestly this game could really use Vulkan. Motion Blur was also disabled as usual in during my benchmark runs. As you can see the game performs roughly the same regardless of the API used. DX11 runs slightly better than DX12 in most cases. DX12 barely edges out DX11 in the 1080p\1440p minimum FPS area and that’s pretty much it. DX12 has frame pacing and stutter issues from time to time and DX11 runs much smoother.

Even with MSAA Disabled for DX12 at 4K, surprisingly DX11 still runs better with MSAA Enabled. The only other game that has exhibited this type of behavior during my benchmarks was Resident Evil 2 (2019). RE2 DX12 ran worse than DX11 in nearly all cases. During 4K gameplay Control runs rough on both APIs (DX11 and DX12) and you’ll noticed the micro-stutter. Below I have described how to make the game playable at 4K.

Real Time Benchmarks™

Control - 4K Optimized

Since Control performs badly at 4K on my system I have decided to attempt and show how some gamers can optimize their performance in Control without losing image quality while gaming at 4K. While gaming at 4K you can disable Anti-Aliasing such as MSAA in most cases since AA typically isn’t needed. Personally I also disable Motion Blur as well since it normally kills image quality in my opinion.

The micro-stutter and “laggy” gamplay comes from the “Volumetric Lighting”. So moving “Volumetric Lighting” down one setting from “High” to “Medium” will resolve the stutter issues. Next if you lower the “Screen Space Reflections Quality” down one setting from “High” to “Medium” you will gain a few additionally FPS that will make 4K even more playable. The image quality should still look just as great.

In DX11 you will see an average FPS increase of 17% and in DX12 you will see an average FPS increase of 56%. The DX12 increase is only due to DX12 performing so horridly in the first place. You can’t go wrong with either API using my optimized settings above, but DX12 performs slightly better in this case. However, I would still stick with the DX11 API based on my experience with this game.