Metro Exodus

I ran quite a few benchmarks in Metro: Exodus. Looking at the 1440p results we can see that going from traditional rendering to Ray Tracing with the “Ultra” settings leads to a 33% average FPS drop. The minimum FPS drops by 27% as well. Although those drops are large 1440p is very playable with Ray Tracing enabled as the results show that the RTX 3080 stays above 60FPS in the worst case scenario’s and averages a nice 87FPS.

4K results with rasterization shows about 85fps on average even if PhysX is enabled. Once we move to Ray Tracing we see a sharp decline to 51FPS while using the Ultra Ray Tracing preset. That comes out as a 40% reduction in average FPS. The minimum FPS drops by 46% which is the biggest problem along with some micro-stutter here and there. DLSS will definitely be needed at 4K. Lowering the Ray Tracing preset to “High” does help to push the 4K performance to 58fps. That is a 13% increase when going from Ray Tracing “Ultra” to “High”.

I could not enable DLSS in this game so therefore none of the results will have DLSS. I’m currently working on getting DLSS enabled, but hopefully these results will suffice.

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