Quantum Break

Taking a quick look at Quantum Break using the Ultimate Preset shows that the game runs very well when the Upscaling setting is enabled. No issues to report here other than the obvious CPU bottleneck at lower resolutions. The issues arise when Upscaling is “Disabled”. Basically when Upscaling is enabled the game takes the previous 4 frames from a lower resolution, applies MSAAx4, and then upscale those previous frames to the native resolution. Enabling Upscaling helps keep the game FPS high. When Upscaling is disabled the game renders frames at its native resolution and performance take a dive.

During the 4K benchmarks we see a massive drop of 49%. The average FPS drops from 91FPS with Upscaling enabled to 46FPS with Upscaling disabled. This game is tough to run at native resolutions without Upscaling, which is why enabling Upscaling is recommended.

Real Time Benchmarks™

Devil May Cry 5

I really like the RE Engine that this game uses. Capcom’s RE Engine has been looking great since its introduction in Resident Evil 7. Devil May Cry looks very good and plays very well at 4K. The engine is well programmed and runs well on many different tiers of hardware. The RTX 3080 doesn’t break a sweat and the X58 shows what it’s made off and pushes out 139fps at 4K.

Real Time Benchmarks™