Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone supports Nvidia’s Ray Tracing and Reflex features and DLSS was recently announced. Ray Tracing does look nice in this game at 4K. Focusing first on the rasterization benchmarks we can see that I average 122fps with low settings and 93fps with Max settings; more than enough to enjoy the game at 4K with an X58. With the Low Graphical Settings at 4K the CPU doesn’t hit 100% often, but the GPU usage still only runs at 95% on average as expected, but that’s still pretty good for the old X58 platform. Cranking up the graphics to MAX settings shows the GPU usage up to 96%.

Since I am CPU limited you can clearly see that the Ray Tracing performance is equal to the rasterization results for the most part. Ray Tracing pushes the GPU Usage up to 97%. Those are still pretty nice results for a nearly 13 year old platform. Although 4K is the main focus of this review I decided to run a quick 1080p test as well and averaged 153fps. The GPU usage was only 80% at 1080p.

Real Time Benchmarks™

Apex Legends

Apex Legends doesn’t require a lot to run, but there are plenty of graphical settings to max out. I used about 7.7GBs vRAM on average while topping out at 8.14GBs. The GPU usage averaged 95% at 4K while maxing out at 98%. I averaged 128fps with the CPU threads hitting 100% more often than none. The average CPU usage was around 78%. The RTX 3080 is a beast and want’s even more data.

Real Time Benchmarks™