Doom Eternal

1080p CPU Bottleneck Results

1440p CPU Bottleneck Results

2160p (4K) CPU Bottleneck Results

Doom Eternal leverages Async Compute, which is now supported by Nvidia at this point, and will definitely ensure that the CPU is being utilized properly and that the GPU won’t be starved for data. At 1080p Bethesda’s “id Tech 7” engine definitely pushes my CPU (X5660) to its max. We can see an average of 84% @ 1080p across my 12 threads. At 1440p we see an average of 79% and 4K shows 63%. Obviously lower is better in these situations. The higher resolutions typically show lower CPU utilization and bottlenecking in most cases as this depends on the game engine and technology being pushed. However, it’s worth noting that this isn’t always the case.

We see that the results show that the X58 platform is still capable of pumping out plenty of FPS across many resolutions. 4K and beyond will be the future and shouldn’t be a major concern for the X58 with well programmed game engines. Even at lower resolutions X58 + X5660 and the RTX 3080 is capable of providing a solid gaming experience with no performance issue and no micro-stuttering as we will see later in this article.