Apex Legends

2160p (4K) CPU Bottleneck Results

The average was 78% with the minimum being only 38%. As we can see Apex CPU Threads hit a maximum of 100% and every game I tested hit 100%, but that doesn’t tell the entire story. Hitting 100% a few times won’t be a big issue, but constantly hitting the ceiling can cause performance issues. Certain events in the game will definitely push the X5660 12 Threads to the max. Luckily Apex Legends isn’t constantly hitting 100%, but it is knocking on the ceiling at 78% on average. Shortly we will see a few games that are nearly 100% bottlenecked at higher resolutions such as 4K.

Call of Duty: Warzone

1080p CPU Bottleneck Results

2160p (4K) CPU Bottleneck Results

This chart will be much easier to follow than the other charts. At 1080p max graphic settings and with Ray Tracing enabled we see an average of 80% and the CPU only hits 100% twice in a short test. Using the same settings at 4K along with Ray Tracing shows an average of 72% and we only see the CPU hit 100% 13 times. 13 is very low when you compare it to 37,415 frames that I captured for this benchmark. The benchmark shows that this game can keep the CPU around 93% to 94% at different points during gameplay when using the max graphical settings and Ray Tracing.