Devil May Cry 5

1440p CPU Bottleneck Results

2160p (4K) CPU Bottleneck Results

DmC 5 uses the awesome RE Engine, which is also used in Resident Evil 2. This engine is well programmed and Capcom has ensured that this engine will run well across many platforms while providing photorealistic graphics and images. This is one of the few games that bring the X58 platform to its knees, yet the X58 + X5660 still pumps out as many frames as possible. 1440p brings 148FPS on average while 4K pumps out 139FPS.

Looking at the 1440p results we see a whopping average of 95%, pushing the X5660 to its limits. Typically we will see the CPU thread utilization drop quite a bit when the GPU becomes more of the bottleneck, but not in DmC 5. At 4K the CPU utilization is still hitting 92%. That doesn’t leave a lot of breathing room. Unlike the previous games we have seen so far, you will definitely be hitting 100% a lot in this title. However, you will not notice any performance issues. The gaming experience will not be affected due to the high frames per second output. So while we are hitting the 100% ceiling many times in this game you have nothing to worry about as a gamer.