“Village” - GPU Benchmarks (466.27)

This portion of the benchmark tests takes place in the “Village” area. You will definitely get strong Resident Evil 4 vibes while playing through this area. I have separated the 466.27 drivers and the 466.11 drivers as well as the X5660 CPU Performance for each driver.

1080p with Ray Tracing disabled shows 162FPS on average with the minimum showing 114FPS. When Ray Tracing is enabled I dropped to 111FPS on average and 87FPS for the minimum. We see a drop of 31% in average FPS and a drop of 24% with the minimum FPS.

1440p shows 147FPS on average with Ray Tracing disabled and 108FPS with Ray Tracing enabled. That is a drop of 27% when Ray Tracing enabled. 4K reveals 99FPS on average without Ray Tracing. When Ray Tracing is enabled we see 72FPS on average. That is a drop of 27% in the average FPS just by enabling Ray Tracing. Ray Tracing is hitting hard in this game and decreases the average FPS performance by about 27%. Minimum FPS drops by about 23% across the board on average.

This is all that I have for the RE Village Demo benchmark while using the 466.21 drivers, however I have all areas using the 466.11 driver on the next pages. Later in the article we will take a look at the vRAM usage for each resolution.

Real Time Benchmarks™ - GeForce Driver 466.27