“Village” - GPU Benchmarks (v466.11)

This is the same area “Village” that was benchmarked on the previous page except these results use the GeForce Drivers 466.11. These results only include the 1440p and the 4K benchmarks. 1440p shows 101FPS on average with 110FPS minimum. When Ray Tracing is enabled 1440p shows 108FPS average and 82FPS minimum. That comes out to a 27% drop in in the average FPS. The minimum FPS drops by 25%. Roughly dropping around 25%-27% is becoming normal for Ray Tracing negative performance hits.

Taking a quick look at 4K using the 466.11 drivers we see an average FPS of 101 and a low minimum of 84FPS. When I enabled Ray Tracing we see an average of 77FPS and 64FPS for the minimum. That is another drop of about 24% in the average. The same is true for the minimum FPS loss, it comes out to 24% as well.

Real Time Benchmarks™ - GeForce Driver 466.11