“Village” - 466.11 vs 466.27 Comparisions

When comparing both drivers at 1440p we don’t see a huge difference in performance. 1440p shows roughly a 1% difference in performance, but that’s mostly due to the CPU bottlenecking. When I removed the CPU bottleneck and checked out the 4K results we can see a reversal, the older drivers (466.11) actually performed better as far as Frame Per Second goes. Without Ray Tracing at 4K there is only a 2FPS difference on average, but with Ray Tracing enabled there is roughly an 8% difference in average FPS. The newer driver (466.27) shows only 72FPS on average, while the older driver (466.11) shows 77FPS on average.

4K Performance Differences

It is also worth mentioning that at 4K the minimum FPS performs better on the older drivers as well. Without Ray Tracing there is an increase of 7% when using the older 466.11 driver over the newer driver. When Ray Tracing is enabled we see an increase of 6% when using the older driver.

Earlier I stated “the older drivers (466.11) actually performed better as far as Frame Per Second goes.”, however it is worth noting that the new driver will and should take care of any engine relating performance problems. I personally only noticed one minor micro-stutter issue during my play through *SPOILER ALERT……stopped reading now if you haven’t played the demo\game*.....that is when you are attacked by a very interesting female creature. She gets close and personal and I remember the game showing a bit of a micro-stutter and this also shows in my Resident Evil Village playthrough I have posted on YouTube. I can only remember this happening once when Ray Tracing was enabled. The newer driver should take care of minor issues like that while playing the full game. Other than that the older driver ran fine in the demo.

FPS Comparison - 466.27 vs 466.11

CPU Usage Percentage

Another thing I noticed is that the newer driver (466.27) performed better in my CPU tests than the older driver. You will see my CPU Utilization percentages later in this article, but I will give a little info here as well since I am comparing the old and new drivers. Lower resolutions performed roughly the same, but the 4K CPU usage showed a nice decrease in CPU utilization performance, which is what you want when it comes to the CPU. The less workload on the CPU usually leads to a better experience, especially for streamers and users who run other small tasks during gaming sessions. Please read "X58 + X5660 CPU Performance Benchmarks" which includes more information and charts for comparisons between both drivers.