X58 + X5660 CPU Performance Benchmarks

What makes my review unique is that I am running Intel’s 2008 platform, X58, which turns 13 years old this year. As I have shown in my “X58 + RTX 3080” & “X58 CPU Performance with Nvidia's RTX 3080” articles we see that this ancient platform can standup to modern flagship GPUs at 4K. I decided to include my CPU Performance since I recently wrote my X58 CPU Performance article. I will include the information found here in that article as well. This will also give you more insight into how well my X5660 CPU performs and how well Nvidia optimized their drivers for Resident Evil Village & Ray Tracing features. Remember when it comes to CPU Utilization lower is always better for this type of benchmark.

1440p performs roughly the same as expected for the average CPU usage percentage due to bottlenecking. You can see a decent increase in the minimum usage. Without Ray Tracing we see a CPU performance increase of 30% with the new drivers. With Ray Tracing enabled we see an increase of about 11%.

The average CPU usage performance at 4K without Ray Tracing increased by about 8% while the Ray Tracing results shows my CPU usage average increase by 15%. That’s a pretty nice bump in CPU utilization from a single driver (466.72) specifically for this game (and Metro: Exodus).

For the minimum CPU usage without Ray Tracing we see an increase of 6% over the older driver. However, the minimum CPU usage performance increased by a whopping 80% when Ray Tracing was enabled. The average is always the most important in addition to how many times you hit 100% (bottleneck), but the minimum shows how well the new 466.27 performs compared to the older 466.11 driver in this game. The CPU was able to get even lower utilization several times throughout my benchmarks with the new 466.27 driver.

X5660 CPU Usage Percentage Comparison - GeForce Drivers: 466.27 vs 466.11

Lower is better

X5660 CPU Performance - "Village" - Rasterization (v466.11)

X5660 CPU Performance - "Village" - Ray Tracing (v466.11)

X5660 CPU Performance - "Village" - Rasterization (v466.27)

As I explained above you can see that Nvidia's latest drivers (466.27) performs much better than the older drivers. You can clearly see the CPU utilization drop much more often while using the latest drivers from Nvidia. The performance increases are larger when Ray Tracing is enabled.

X5660 CPU Performance - "Village" - Ray Tracing (v466.27)