Synthetic Benchmarks

Aida64 - Blender - y-cruncher - 7-zip

Now that we have a decent idea of how much performance we can expect from the Alder Lake micro-architecture; we will now take a look at several synthetic benchmarks to see how quickly the i9-12900K can complete various workloads. I would also like to add that AIDA64 cannot properly benchmark the Alder Lake CPU properly at the moment so I only posted the data that I could verify. I will need to re-visit the AIDA64 after the developers are able to update their software.

Theoretically the Alder Lake micro-architecture along with my dual DDR5-4800Mhz DRAM should be able to reach 76,800 MB\s or 76.8 GB\s. Below you will see that AIDA64 obtained 74,047 MB\s or 74 GB\s which very close to theoretical max. However during my micro-architecture benchmarks I ran on the previous pages I was able to verify 75,672 MB\s or 75.7 GB\s. This puts the stock Alder Lake CPU and default DDR5-4800Mhz frequency extremely close to the theoretical bandwidth. However we must remember that latency can affect this number so 67GB\s though 74 GB\s might be normal under most workloads.

AIDA 64 v6.50.5800

Blender v2.93

y-cruncher v0.7.8 (Build 9507)

7-zip v19.00