Fury X vs 980 Ti [Overclocked]

Red vs Green

 Overclocked Core Clock 
 R9 Fury X OC 
 1125Mhz +75 
 GTX 980 Ti OC 
 1477Mhz [Boost] +401 

The 980 TI was able to overclock up to 1477Mhz. I was only able to push my Fury X to 1125Mhz. The 980 Ti core is clocked 28.43% higher than my Fury X. The 980 TI memory also increased from stock 7012 MHz to 7818Mhz. The fury is still sitting at 500Mhz, but it can still move quicker than the 980 Ti GDDR5. Yes up to 9x quicker than GDDR5. Leaving the Fury X at 500Mhz should be fine. Let’s take a look at Fire Strike Performance benchmark

FireStrike Total Score [Performance]
GTX 980 Ti: 17,420
Fury X: 15,750
-10.6% difference.

Graphics Score [Performance]:
GTX 980 Ti: 20225
Fury X: 18,655
-8.4% difference.

Combined Score [Performance]:
GTX 980 Ti: 7,572
Fury X: 7,107
-6.54% difference.

  The 980 Ti really picks up lost ground with the 37.72% overclock increase over the 980 Ti stock frequency . I thought the increase would be much higher. The overclock did eliminate any lead that AMD had. Still the increase isn’t “that” dramatic. We aren’t seeing any major spreads here. The 980 Ti with a high overclock nets 10.6%-Total Score, 8.4% - Graphics Score and 6.54% - Combined. There’s another issue that must be addressed.

  That issue is heat. According to the reviewer, the 980 Ti overclocked went well into 80c and well in the 90s. The VRMs were scorching hot. Obviously this isn’t a problem for the watercooled Fury X. There are also 3rd party alternatives out there as well to alleviate the heat issues. There were no trading blows after overclocking the 980 Ti. Obviously everything went in Nvidias favor due to the massive core frequencies.

  At the end of the day I’m still satisfied with AMDs Radeon R9 Fury X. It doesn’t require any overclock or a huge overclock to get great 1440p – 1600p & 4K gameplay. There’s no reason to put a ton of stress on the core, the VRMs and other components. It also runs silently. Nvidia released the 980 Ti with a lot of headroom to entice purchasers ahead of Fury X release. This is the first time I’ve never focused solely on overclocking since the results were great out of the box. Judging by the results it appears that I have made a fine move. Now Fury X users need to wait for mature DX11, DX12 & Vulkan drivers games for our GPUs.
I will update more comparisons soon.