Real Time Benchmarks™

  Real Time Benchmarks™ is something I came up with to differentiate standalone benchmarks tools from actual gameplay. Sometimes in-game benchmark tools doesn't provide enough information. I basically play the games for a predetermined time or a specific online map. It all depends on the game mode and the level\\mission at hand. I tend to go for the most demanding levels and maps. I capture all of the frames and I use 4 different methods to ensure the frame rates are correct for comparison. In rare cases I'm forced to use 5 methods to determine the fps. it takes a while, but it is worth it in the end. This is the least I can do for the gaming community and X58 uers who are wondering if our platform can use high end GPUs in 2015.

-FPS Min Caliber?-
You’ll notice that I added something named “FPS Min Caliber”. Basically FPS Min Caliber is something I came up to differentiate between FPS absolute minimum which could simply be a data loading point during gameplay etc. The FPS Min Caliber ™ is basically my way of letting you know lowest FPS average you’ll see during gameplay 1% of the time out of 100%. The minimum fps [FPS min] can be very misleading. FPS min is what you'll encounter only 0.1% of the time out of 100%. Obviously the average FPS and Frame Time is what you'll encounter 99% of your playtime. I think it's a feature you'll learn to love. I plan to continue using this in the future as well.  




  I feel that no GPU review is complete unless you include the Crysis series. These games can make GPUs burn to the core. Crysis 2 with DX11 and mods requires much more GPU horsepower than you think. Crysis 3 is a gorgeous title as well. No mods are needed in Crysis 3 to stress test any GPU currently in the market. I can also benchmark Crysis 1 if you guys want me to.

Crysis 2

Crysis 2 [100% Maxed + MaLDoHD 4.0 Graphic Mod] – 3840×2160 [4K]

Gameplay Duration: 14 minutes 8 seconds
Captured 25,225 frames
FPS Avg: 30fps
FPS Max: 55fps
FPS Min: 20fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 22fps
Frame time Avg: 33.6ms

Crysis 2 FPS



Crysis 2 [100% Maxed + MaLDoHD 4.0 Graphic Mod] – 2560×1440

Gameplay Duration: 8 minutes 11 seconds
Captured 33,198 frames
FPS Avg: 68fps
FPS Max: 101fps
FPS Min: 35fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 49fps
Frame time Avg: 14.8ms

Crysis 2 1440p FPS




Crysis 3 


Crysis 3 [Very High Settings + MSAA x4] – 3840×2160 [4K] – Level: “Safeties Off”

Gameplay Duration: 8 minutes 16 secs
Captured 11,860 frames
FPS Avg: 24fps
FPS Max: 38fps
FPS Min: 13fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 19fps
Frame time Avg: 41.8ms

Crysis 3 - msaax4


  Despite the low frame rate average the Fury X gave a pleasant gameplay experience. MSAA x4 @ 4K does push the 4GB HBM and Fiji to its limits. MSAA x8 is simple unplayable, but you really wouldn’t need to use that much AA at 4K anyway. Yes that last sentence did rhyme pretty well. Being that my 1080p Blu-Ray movies run @ 24fps, playing Crysis 3 @ 3840x2160-24p felt very cinematic. There was no button lag or micro stutter. The frame rate chart tells us a lot. Notice that the frames per second are steady. The FPS only goes up and never really drops below 24fps 99% of the time I played. I literally have 5 different Crysis 3 benchmarks so 8 minutes of “Safeties Off” should give you a good idea what to expect with MSAA x4.



Crysis 3 [Very High Settings + MSAA x2] – 3840×2160 [4K]

Gameplay Duration: 22 minutes 57 secs
Captured 36,992 frames
FPS Avg: 27fps
FPS Max: 43fps
FPS Min: 16fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 19fps
Frame time Avg: 37.2ms

Crysis 3 msaa x2




Crysis 3 [Very High Settings + MSAA Disabled] – 3840×2160 [4K]

Gameplay Duration: 22 minutes 57 secs
Captured 35,242 frames
FPS Avg: 33fps
FPS Max: 44fps
FPS Min: 14fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 26fps
Frame time Avg: 30.3ms

  cyy 3 msaa disabled

Crysis 3 [Very High Settings + MSAA x8] – 2560x1440

Gameplay Duration: 21 minutes 11 seconds
Captured 49,878 frames
FPS Avg: 39fps
FPS Max: 77fps
FPS Min: 15fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 24fps
Frame time Avg: 30.3ms

Cry 3 1440p msaa x8



Crysis 3 [Very High Settings + MSAA Disabled] – 2560x1440

Gameplay Duration: 15 minutes 19 seconds
Captured 62,687 frames
FPS Avg: 68fps
FPS Max: 128fps
FPS Min: 28fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 32fps
Frame time Avg: 14.7ms

  It's obvious that Fury X is 4K ready and was made for 4K gaming. I tried to max out the game when possible. Crysis 3 @ 4K + MSAAx8 was unplayable. This could be because of the HBM1 limitation [4GBs]. Anti-Aliasing really eats up the RAM. Overall I must say that I am impressed with the performance. Gameplay was smooth. I tried to play the most intense levels in both games.