Real Time Benchmarks™

  Hitman Absolution


Hitman: Absolution [Ultra Settings + MSAA x2] – 3840×2160 [4K]

Gameplay Duration: 7 minutes 20 seconds
Captured 35,067 frames
FPS Avg: 80fps [79.55]
FPS Max: 111fps
FPS Min: 46fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 48fps
Frame time Avg: 12.6ms

  Hitman: Absolution fps msaa x2



Hitman: Absolution [Ultra Settings + MSAA x4] – 3840×2160 [4K]

Gameplay Duration: 6 minutes 3 seconds
Captured 16,341 frames
FPS Avg: 45fps
FPS Max: 63fps
FPS Min: 32fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 34fps
Frame time Avg: 22.2ms

  Hitman: Absolution was tough to run when it released a few years back. Even Crossfire X and SLI cards had issues handling this game.  IO Interactivealso stated that the engine was for next gen and being held back by consoles. On the PC the game looks great, but it is no match for the Fury X. These benchmarks were done while playing the Chinatown level. 




Tomb Raider [Ultimate Setting] – 3840×2160 [4K]

Gameplay Duration: 28 minutes 9 secs
Captured 83,732 frames
FPS Avg: 51fps [50.76]
FPS Max: 69fps
FPS Min: 35fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 36fps
Frame time Avg: 19.5ms

  TR 2013 ultimate



Tomb Raider [Ultimate Setting] – 2560x1440

Gameplay Duration: 27 minutes 41 secs
Captured 165,711 frames
FPS Avg: 100fps [99.75]
FPS Max: 291fps
FPS Min: 47fps
FPS Min Caliber ™: 71fps
Frame time Avg: 10.5ms

TR 2013 1440p ultimate

  Yes your eyes are correct. 4K gave me 51fps. This game is definitely optimized. 1080p must be laughable considering that I benched 100fps @ 1440p. I wish more games were optimized like this title.