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santi2104 - 4\8\2018:
Hi guys IDK if anyone is active here BUT i have problem to run X5660 on GA-EX58-UD3R rev. 1.6 MOBO. PC can't post, doing boot loop etc. Done all that stuff with clearing BIOS, different versions ETC. Any ideas or modded Bioses would be appreciated.

Jose Carlos Gadea - 5\9\2016:
I'm about to build a server with a Rampage II Extreme and a X5660, and 24GB of DDR3-1600. I was going to settle with a 920, but having seen this, the little extra cash is more than worth it.

santi2104 - 6\30\2015:
Awesome job man, i have a xeon x5650 that i use with a rampage 2 gene, it runs great with the latest bios, and i can lock the multyplier to x22 in all the cores, i also tested it with a msi x58 pro-e with the latest bios, and it worked great as long as i didnt overclock it that much, it was ok up to 180 Bclk, more than that and it was very unstable, more than 190 it wouldnt boot, even with 1.55 vcore, and the motherboard didnt have neither load line calibration nor fixed voltage, it was a pain in the ass, withe the rampage 2 gene it runs at 4.2ghz in all six cores with 1.272 vcore, and i got up to 5.1ghz with 1.54 vcore, awesome cpu for 70 us dollar

siapaajabisa - 3\13\2015:
Nice writing. I'm upgrading my 920 to X5650 on GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD4 (F11T beta BIOS). Cost me 1.3 million Rupiah (IDR) or ± US$ 98.5. I'm so happy with this upgrade. Electricity bills are going to reduce a bit, and game performance are better than 920 (both using stock clock). Most noticeable performance upgrade are when i extracting some compressed files (mostly winRAR with size up to 10 GB). Only problem is i can't get my xeon next to 4 GHz. Gotta check the Internet for some cheat sheet though.
Adriano Fienga - 6\21\2016
  Please, is it working the X5650 on your UD4 Mobo? Thinking to do the same.. Thanks?
   siapaajabisa - 6\21\2016
   Hi Adriano. It's working well on my UD4. Just update the BIOS first to the latest.
     Adriano Fienga - 6\22\2016
     Thanks a lot, running latest F11T Bios and just ordered a x5650 for 80$, this will give new life to my rig :)
      siapaajabisa - 6\22\2016
       Cheers! That $80 is really worth it. Don't forget that you could use up to 48 gigs of RAM with this Xeon :)

Aditya Raja Gummadavelly - 2\6\2015:
Great read and it's interesting how newer generation processors aren't that far ahead. I think I'll still be rocking on x58, but my i7 920 is showing its age. A hexacore for $100 off eBay will be a very healthy upgrade.

Stephen Kunkel - 2\5\2015:
This is some excellent work. Thanks for taking the time.

lmimmfn - 1\14\2015:
Just to note in your mobos, theres 2 revisions for Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5, officially Rev 2 supports the Xeons, but i have Rev 1 and it works fine also even though its not listed as supported on the Gigabyte site, cant overclock unless you set the ram voltage to 1.65v though. I got a 5650 and cranked it upto 4.4Ghz within a few hours. Oh nice review btw :