Westmere-EP - X5660 Full Review

X5660 Power Usage Charts and Results

Here are my power usage test for the X5660 + my rig. I originally planned to run Triple or Quad GPUs, but never got around to it. It is still a possibility, but 2 GPUs have been more than enough for now. A user asked me about the voltages from 3.8Ghz to 4.6Ghz. I haven’t gotten around to running the entire tests just yet so please stay tuned for more updates as the days & weeks pass. I tried my best to give you guys a good estimate. I also recorded the max voltage as well.

Let’s not forget that I’m running a fairly fully loaded system, oh and I’m planning to upgrade & add more. I’m planning for a custom water cooled system with newer [water cooled] GPUs. My 4,000rpm Delta’s can pull up to 17.4 watts a piece. Let’s not forget about my four Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-31’s [5,400rpm] that can easily pull 13.68watts each and that’s the good news. The bad news is that I need 32.28watts just to start up 1 AP-31 fan! I tried to mix it up a little bit while running various test. As I said above I’ll continue to update my charts and info throughout the weeks.


-Dark Grey =  Average wattage
-Light Grey = Max \ Peak wattage


Note: "Powered Off" wattage includes 2 monitors, speakers and other electronics

Overclocked @ 4.6Ghz

Sorry if I didn't run enough test. It takes a long time to perform a lot of the benchmarks in this topic and I get paid nothing to do it. However, I love to do what I do. I work with computers, servers, routers, switches, UPS's, printers and so many different types of  equipment & technology on a regular basis. So if I'm ever a little slow with updating just bear with me. I'll continue to mix up the test as well.

I'm no Electrician or power saving expert [although I have to learn a good amount in my field], but I would suggest unplugging your PC if the power switch is easily accessible. My PC uses around 8.7watts while the PC is powered off. Very minor and I'm still unplugging the PC since those watts add up every 30-31 days.