Vega 64 2021 + X58 Review
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Since I have not been able to get my hands on a RTX 3000 or Radeon 6000 series GPU I have decided to write another article on the RX Vega 64. This article will be a bit different than my previous article from last year. The first difference being that I have finally decided to try out the “YouTube Review Thing”, as I call it. So this article will be accompanied with my “YouTube Review” video for the RX Vega 64. The second is that I am covering several titles that I didn’t benchmark in the previous article along with a few more hardware related twists.

I have overclocked my old and trusty Intel X58 to 4.6Ghz with tighter DDR-1600Mhz RAM timings; the previous article ran 4Ghz with normal DDR3-1600 RAM timings (9-9-9-24). I have also overclocked the Vega 64 “HBM” (VRAM Memory Timings) to 1100Mhz, up from 945Mhz, which was very easy to accomplish and should give a few more percentages and performance. The 3 year old RX Vega 64 pulls a lot of wattage and getting the core clock to lock to a specific clock isn’t the easiest thing to do, due to how AMD developed the Vega architecture, so I am just leaving the core at stock for now. I am also running AMD latest drivers for my Vega 64, Radeon Adrenaline 20.12.1 [December 8th 2020]. Later in this article I speak about the RX Vega 64 price before and after my previous 2020 review.

Hello World!

So as I stated above, I have decided to create a YouTube Review video for my RX Vega 64. Initially I wanted to make my first video review with an RTX 3080 or Radeon 6000 series GPU, but they are hard to find at decent prices. I wrote an article about the current situation that is currently ongoing and shows no signs of slowing down due to scalpers and very limited supplies. Creating my first YouTube video was very different and weird since I’ve never had to record and listen to my voice so many times. A lot goes into these articles and now I get the chance to see exactly how much goes into YouTube videos. If you enjoy this article (or any of my articles) or my YouTube vids please hit the like button and share them. Also feel free to leave comments at the end of this article if you have any feedback you would like to share.

Now back to the topic at hand we will move to the benchmarks. There are several major titles that I have had the chance to benchmark and this article should give even more perspective on the Vega 64 + X58 performance in 2021. For more information on the Vega architecture, AMDs brief history against Nvidia and AMDs late GPU market releases please refer to my previous article.