Doom Eternal

Once again I would like to kick my benchmarks off with Doom Eternal. The engine is well programmed and supports Async Compute very well. The graphics are still great and this game is all about killing demons with great music. As you can see the X58 has no problems pumping out the frames. Even with limited PCIe 2.0 bandwidth and a nearly 13 year old platform, the X58 still performs great. At 1080p it gave me an average of 302fps, 1440p shows 255fps and 4K gave me 179fps per second. 4K is the main focus for this review, but it is nice to show what the X58 is still capable off at 1080p with a well coded title.

Real Time Benchmarks™

X58 + RTX 3080 - 4K - Doom Eternal Gameplay

X58 + RTX 3080 - 1080p - Doom Eternal Gameplay