Resident Evil 2

The original (1998) Resident Evil 2 is one of my favorite video game releases of all time and the remake has quickly gone to the top of one of my favorite games to date. This remake of the original RE2 is just as great as the GameCube remake of Resident Evil 1 (REmake). This game is also optimized very well and Capcom has provided us with a seamless experience. There are no loading screens for a large portion of the game once you start playing. Even when it comes to the cutscenes and events the game continues to flow smoothly. Beyond the awesome gameplay this title sports a lot of graphical features that are easy to comprehend and set.

The RE Engine is optimized very well and the RTX 3080 has no problem with this engine. The X58 platform with PCIe 2.0 delivered and average of 275FPS at 1440p and 114FPS at 4K. As you can see I’m hitting a CPU bottleneck, but things get a bit better at 4K. However, that is still as good as it gets when it comes to RE2 and that’s great news based on the numbers I’m seeing. More than 110fps average at 4K is awesome.

Real Time Benchmarks™

X58 + RTX 3080 - 4K - Resident Evil 2 Gamplay