RTX 3080 Overclock - Doom & Shadow of the Tomb Raider

On the previous page we saw a decent performance bump in the Synthetic Benchmarks for the most part. Now we will look at two popular titles at 4K. These RTX 3080’s prices have increased and the buying them aftermarket is a no-go thanks to scalpers. No one is spending upwards towards $700-$900+ on a GPU like this for lower resolutions, except for competitive gaming purposes. Even then this GPU would be overkill for competitive gaming. There is a far less likely chance that I will be bottlenecked at 4K anyways.

Doom Eternal - RTX 3080 Overclocked

The average FPS increases by 4%, but the minimums increased by roughly 7% to 8%. In this game you’ll never notice it since it runs so well, but I suppose it was at least nice to see an increase of 7fps.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - RTX 3080 Overclocked

We see an increase of 9FPS on average and 7FPS for the minimum FPS.