Unigine - Superposition

Unigine's SuperPosition is a very well known benchmarking and stability tool. Even though Unigine's Heaven intially released in 2009, later with Valley in 2013 and SuperPosition in 2017, all three tools gives gamers valuble information across several generations of different GPU architectures. The benchmarking tools are also gorgeous and Heaven still looks great by todays standards so don't be fooled by it's age.

I have decided to use Unigine's latest and greatest "SuperPosition" benchmark for the RTX 3080. Not only will this benchmark be more to date over Unigine previous benchmarks, but this benchmark has an 8K (7680x4320p) benchmark built in that we can use for reference.

Superposition Benchmark v1.1

3840x2160p - 4K Optimized Score: 14,349
7680x4320p - 8K Optimized Score: 6,268