Hitman DirectX 12 Internal Benchmark Tool

  First I'll start with the built in benchmark tool that is provided. Usually benchmark tools aren't accurate and doesn't give a good representation of actual gameplay. We will see how accurate the benchmark tool is when compared to my Real Time Benchmarks™.  Let's take a look at the settings and the benchmark: 



"Render Target Reuse" = Disabled

render Target Reuse Enabled

  The first issue I noticed was that there is a setting named "Render Target Reuse"which is a feature only accessible from the DirectX 12 API. This settings had massive issues with the gameplay and caused tons of micro-stutter. High frame times also occured when this setting is enabled. These issues definietly hurts the benchmark results. The graphical settings are at the highest gamers can push them and the "Render Target Reuse" is set to Disable as you can see. 
Check out the benchmark below:

Fury X - Hitman Internal Benchmark Tool
3285 frames
  28.97fps Average
  4.83fps Min
 65.35fps Max
  34.51ms Average
 15.30ms Min
206.97ms Max

  Those aren't the worse stats. but there's more that isn't seen. As I mentioned above there was tons of micro-stutter. The Frame Time was all over the place. There was only 3285 frames rendered as well. This is definietly not a good experience and I urge all Fury X users to "Enable" this feature or set it to "AUTO". This setting definitely shouldn't be used and I've decided to leave it set as Enabled isntead of AUTO just in case. Let's see what happens when I enabled the feature.


"Render Target Reuse" = Enabled

Render Target Reuse Enabled

Fury X - Hitman Internal Benchmark Tool
4081 frames
 36.02fps Average
  5.24fps Min
 65.61fps Max
  27.76ms Average
 15.24ms Min
190.95ms Max

As you can see there are huge gains across the board. There were more frames rendered and the frame rate & rendered frames increased by 24%. The Frame Time is much better. The benchmarks was much more pleasant with much less micro-stutter and issues found with the the Render Target Reuse Disabled. So once again I highly suggest that AMD Fury X users keep the Render Target Reuse Enabled.



Hitman 2015 DirectX 12

With that out of the way lets looks at how the internal benchmark performance with different settings and resolutions.

Hitman Internal Benchmark Tool GPU Results - DirectX 12

1920x1080 2560X1440 3200x1800 3840x2160
10112 frames 8164 frames 4976 frames 4081 frames
89.43fps Average 72.30fps Average 43.96fps Average 36.02fps Average
8.79fps Min 10.14fps Min 8.30fps Min 5.24fps Min
 151.52fps Max 115.43fps Max  83.03fps Max 65.61fps Max
11.18ms Average 13.83ms Average 22.75ms Average 27.76ms Average
6.60ms Min  8.66ms Min 12.04ms Min 15.24ms Min
113.83ms Max  98.66ms Max  120.48ms Max  190.95ms Max


  As you can see the stock Fury Xperforms very well in DirectX 12. The minumum FPS are misleading. THe internal benchmark tool has some issues that it needs to work out. When I benchmarked actual gameplay I never got FPS mins shown above. Next I'll modify a few settings to see how much performance I can squeeze out at 4K when lowering some settings. I came up with this: 


4K modify


4997 frames
44.27fps Average
8.80fps Min
71.11fps Max
22.59ms Average
14.06ms Min
113.67ms Max


I lowered the LOD to High, completely disabled AA, and dropped Shadow Maps to High. The game still looks fantastic and I increased my FPS by nearly 23%. The rendered frams increased by 22.44%.

I'll be sure to update this post with the DX11 results in the coming days. I'll also be sure to add overclock settings soon as well. Now lets see how well the Fury X performs in DirectX 12 when using my own benchmark program. I had a few issues with DX12 and benchmarking the GPU output, but those issues have been resolved. I spent most of the day programming and ensuring that everything was accurate and working properly. Everything is looking good. Just as a reference I include something that I like to call "FPS Min Caliber".Check the next page for a short explination and my Real Time Benchmarks