Hitman Fury X - AMD 4GB GPU - Optimization

  After noticing my increase in performance by lowering one settings. I started to pay more attention to the Fury X 4GBs vRAM. This isn't really a limitation per say, but it can be at high resolutions. So I have taken the time out of my day to optimize the game for you guys. Obviously you are free to do whatever you want, but my settings will ensure that your Fury X doesn't throttle. So what I have done is pushed the settings to the safest max. You want to always leave some headroom because Hitman levels are huge and there can be a ton of NPCs on screen at any given time. The NPCs move around the level to the vRAM varies. Using my settings below when give you the BEST experience with your AMD 4GB GPUs. I've described what settings you should drop from the 100% maxed out settings.


10369 frames
91.54fps Average
10.56fps Min
149.55fps Max
10.92ms Average
6.69ms Min
94.68ms Max

  Gaming at 1080p doesn't really require much. You won't be throttling that much if at all. You'll be better off maxing out the settings and enjoying the pretty graphics. There's a difference of 4fps between the optimized vRAM settings and the 100% maxed settings.

Hitman 1080p Optimzed

With the game running 100% maxed you'll be better off sacrificing those 4fps and running 86.20fps.That was my average so in this case I'd just run the game 100% maxed if I were you.





8596 frames
76.15fps Average
10.24fps Min
117.39fps Max
13.13ms Average
8.52ms Min
97.62ms Max

1440p Hitman Optimize

  If you have all of the settings maxed, I've highlighted the settings that need to be dropped for good frame rate and frame times with little to no micro-stutter. No worries. The game still looks awesome. You have AA enabled and SSAO will ensure the environment continues to look great. This will put you right below my vRAM safety net just in case there's a ton of enemies on screen at once. With a Fury X you'll be looking at around 80fps as I've shown above.



3840x2160 - 4K

7460 frames
66.87fps Average
10.21fps Min
95.80fps Max
14.95ms Average
10.44ms Min
97.96ms Max

  4K Fury Vram Optimization

  To get keep the vRAM below the safty net you'll get a extra bonus which is more than 60fps! You'll have to lower several settings to achieve that as you can see above. Trust me, it's worth it. If you want to max everything out with a decent experience you can max everything and leave Shadow Maps set to High and you'll be looking at around 42fps or so. This info was on the previous page. However, the point of these optimizations are to lower the vRAM usage and prevent throttling and frame pacing issues. Feel free to mess around with the settings and let me know what you come up with.

Well that's all I have now for optimizations. I hope this will help someone. Remember all of the settings above will ensure that you do not exceed the vRAM 4GB limitation for a better experience while gaming at DX12. Things will contiunue to get better as we receive more patches and driver updates.