So is the "FineWine" real? I believe it is. Year after year the Radeon Fury X has impressed me and I have never really "felt" like I needed to upgrade. I've never actually felt like I needed to overclock the card and DX12\Vulkan helps tremendously (when developers implement them properly). The GPU driver support has been great as promised and I am getting nearly all of the features that the newer GPUs are getting. Limited screen tearing to the point you won't even notice it, great image quality and smooth gameplay is what this card has provided me over the years. I had to make a choice between the mighty 980 Ti and the challenger Fury X with HBM when it was time to upgrade my Nvidia GTX 670 SLI setup and I feel that I have made the correct decision. The card really shines @ 1440p in nearly all of the games I play. I can't really complain about that in 2020, 5 years after the GPU released. Whenever I feel like playing in 4K the Fury X is always up to the challenge. I can't wait to see what AMD brings to the table with their next high-end Navi GPU. Hopefully it has a long life span that the Fury X has had.

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