X58 CPU Performance + RTX 3080 + PCIe 2.0

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Once again I am benchmarking my reliable Intel X58 platform that was released in 2008. My last three articles featured the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 in 2020 \ 2021 and the Nvidia RTX 3080. In the previous RTX 3080 review I included the GPU Usage to show how much of the GPU was being utilized. The results had shown that the X58 was still more than capable of playing games at high resolutions (4K). The previous article definitely revealed some bottlenecking, but exactly how much bottlenecking; that is what this article will attempt to answer.

This article will give more information regarding the CPU bottleneck using my 6 Core 12 Thread - X5660 @ 4.6Ghz. I will also include my Intel X58 PCIe 2.0 results against modern computers (AMD Ryzen series & Intel 9th + 10th Gen CPUs) from my previous X58 + RTX 3080 review. The charts in this article will typically start around the 50% area. The main focus for a flagship GPU like an RTX 3080 is mostly the higher resolutions such as 1440p and 4K. I did run several 1080p results as well. 1440p has always been the sweet spot and we will see how well the X58 handles that resolution as well.

X58 CPU Performance + RTX 3080 - YouTube Video

I have created a YouTube video for this article as well. Feel free to watch and share this video.

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