AMD Fury X 2020 - Kana's FineWine Edition

AMD Fury X 2020 - Kana's FineWine Edition

Update: 7-4-2020: X58 + X5660 + Fury X Power Usage

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During a fierce battle for the GPU crown a much smaller company, AMD, prepares to release the Radeon Fury X. Never failing to rain on a sunny day parade, Nvidia releases the GTX 980 Ti two weeks before the Fury X in an attempt to undercut any hype for AMD. The hype train was off the rails for both companies during these times. This was a huge deal for AMD because not only were they reviving the Fury brand name, they were also releasing a new technology called “HBM” - High Bandwidth Memory. In my opinion HBM was a game changer and one of the major deciding factors during my decision between the 980 Ti and the Fury X. The raw performance numbers looked breathtaking. During this time AMD was trying to re-build trust from enthusiast while fighting several battles at once against Intel & Nvidia. AMD also promised to focus more on driver related issues and to update drivers more often. I took them to their word and they have delivered on several occasions. Nearly every new game released over the past 5 years either has drivers ready or promptly available after release. 

It feels like it was just yesterday when I was undervolting and underclocking my Fury X while still getting well over 60FPS in Doom (2016) @ 4K with "Nightmare" graphical settings. Time flies and nearly 5 years after the Fury X release I am still running my Fury X and enjoying the latest and greatest games. It has been 4 years since my last Fury X Review which you can read by clicking here.AMD FineWine keeps getting better and better. That doesn’t mean that the card wasn’t great on Day 1. I enjoyed the heck out of this GPU every year since I first purchased it in 2015. The fact that I can still play several newer games in 4K with near maxed out settings in 2020 is amazing in my honest opinion. I’m also using a 12 year old platform, Intel X58, to perform the benchmarks. While I might not have the latest and greatest tech my workstation\gaming rig is still capable.

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Fury X 2016 - Crimson ReLive 16.12.1 - Games Benched @ 4K





Fury X 2016 - Crimson ReLive 16.12.1 - Several Games Benchmarked @ 4K

Radeon Software


  Initially I was planning on releasing several games running max settings, or the highest preset at 3840x2160 [4K] during the beginning of 2017, however AMD recently released their “Crimson ReLive” 16.12.1 drivers and I’ve sped up the process. The new drivers and features have plenty of AMD users excited. AMD has been stepping up their driver support since 2014-2015. In 2015 AMD went into overdrive mode with their driver support and ensured gamers that they would get up to date drivers more rapidly than in the past.

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Doom - Fury X Benchmarks

Doom - Fury X Benchmarks


  I'm a little late to party by a few days, but better late than ever. Doom is one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year. Since it’s awesome E3 reveal gamers have been drooling and waiting to get those wonderful graphics on their monitors. Well that has come for many fans. Usually the graphics shown at E3 aren’t used in the final product. That is not the case with Doom. The game is gorgeous and offers plenty of settings. So even if you are gaming on a laptop you can tweak tons of graphical settings to suit your needs. With all of that being said Doom can still stress some of the fastest cards on the mark at high resolutions.

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Battlefield 1 Fury X DX12 Benchmarks

Battlefield 1 Fury X DX12 Benchmarks



  EA is once again releasing another Battlefield title. Over the past few years Call of Duty has been the game to beat, but it seems as if that is an impossible task. BF1 has a lot of hype surrounding it and DICE has some of the best developers on the planet. At the moment Battlefield is winning the public opinion over its rival Call of Duty. This is mostly due to Call of Duty yearly rehashes, buggy gameplay and forcing fans to purchase Infinity Warfare in order to play CoD: MW2. That’s not to say that Battlefield titles don’t have their fair share of bugs and glitches, but Battlefield seems to get plenty of patches far longer than CoD titles.

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Hitman DirectX 12 Fury X Benchmarks






Hitman DirectX 12 Fury X Benchmarks
Hitman DX12

  I've finally been able to get my hands on a DirectX 12 title. Ashes of Singularity was the first DX12 title to feature benchmarks, but it’s still in Early Access at the moment. Ashes of Singularity actually releases on March 31 st. Hitman has released with DirectX11 and DX12 support on Day 1. DX11 was available during the Hitman Beta. AMD really showed their strengths in DX11 with this title and now everyone wants to see DX12 results. I’ve been playing the Hitman series for many years and I love the franchise.

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