Hitman DirectX 12 Fury X Benchmarks






Hitman DirectX 12 Fury X Benchmarks
Hitman DX12

  I've finally been able to get my hands on a DirectX 12 title. Ashes of Singularity was the first DX12 title to feature benchmarks, but it’s still in Early Access at the moment. Ashes of Singularity actually releases on March 31 st. Hitman has released with DirectX11 and DX12 support on Day 1. DX11 was available during the Hitman Beta. AMD really showed their strengths in DX11 with this title and now everyone wants to see DX12 results. I’ve been playing the Hitman series for many years and I love the franchise.

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AMD Fury X Review

AMD Fury X


Why AMD and HBM Matters

  I’ve finally purchased one of the hottest selling cards on the market (no pun intended), the watercooled AMD Radeon R9 Fury X. I couldn’t wait to get my hand on this card and benchmark it myself. Now what would make AMD bring back the Fury brand from 1999 when ATI was a separate company from AMD? There must be something exciting right? Well for starters all you ever hear anyone talk about now is “HBM” high bandwidth memory. HBM is indeed a big deal since it eliminates a lot of issues that was once faced with GDDR5 in this case. HBM eliminates processing bottlenecking and allows data to be moved quickly and efficiently. Speaking of “efficient”, the power efficiency is much better than GDDR5 as well. HBM runs at a lower voltage.

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Rise Of The Tomb Raider DirectX 11 & 12 Benchmarks

Rise Of The Tomb Raider DirectX 11 & 12 Benchmarks


  DirectX 12 is still in the early stages and I’ve decided to pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider for the newest API. Not only for the DX12 API, but I’m a Tomb Raider fanatic. I can still remember when I used to play the Tomb Raider games back in the 90s\2000s. For the record I own every Tomb Raider game released across several platforms, so I’m serious when I say that I’m a TR fan. I’m still excited about DX12 nonetheless and I’ve ran tons of DX11 & DX12 benchmarking test. I’ve also performed some frame time tests as well. Unfortunately, we still haven’t received a “full” DirectX 12 title yet. So far we have Gear of War: UE, Hitman and now Rise of the Tomb Raider. Hitman did a great job with DX12, but there are still a few issues that need to be ironed out by the developers, Nvidia and AMD. Gear of War: UE, Hitman and TR were built with more than one API in mind. That’s expected since there are still a lot of gamers out there with DX11 only GPUs, but a lot of older GPUs can run some DirectX 12.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Benchmarks GTX 670 SLI

Batman: Arkham Knight Benchmarks GTX 670 SLI

Real Time Benchmarks


  If you are playing this title on consoles then you are probably enjoying the game. If you are attempting to play this on PC then 9 times out of 10 you are having issues. Warner Bros. & Rocksteady has pulled the game from Steam to address serious performance issues across a wide number of GPU models for both AMD and Nvidia. On Steam there are literally thousands of down votes along with angry comments from PC gamers. To make matters worse there are a ton of settings missing and graphical content missing from the PC version. Rocksteady has since released one of many patches. The game remains absent from Steam, however, you can still purchase the $39.99 Season Pass.

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Westmere-EP & X58 Overclock Info

Westmere-EP & X58 Overclock Info


Let me start by saying thanks for reading this article. You can sign up and discuss this using the comment section [last page if I ever add pages]. I’ve decided to write this information regarding the X58 chipset and Gulftown\Westmere-EP. There is a lot of information about the X58 spreading around the net due to the recent “revival” of the platform. Long story short there are a ton of Xeons flooding the market. These Xeons are being replaced by newer Xeons based on newer architectures.

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