• Deep Dive - Making ADL Power Efficient & DDR5 OC

    What if I told you that I could make Alder Lake Power Efficient while increasing performance? In this article I attempted to do just that. I have performed countless benchmarks to show my results. Let's see how efficient my i9-12900K really is. Read More
  • Alder Lake Review

    After running Intel’s X58 & 1st Generation CPU for over a decade I have finally decided to upgrade to Intel’s latest and greatest, the 12th Generation Alder Lake-S CPU. Alder Lake was officially released on November 4th 2021. How fast is Intel's 10nm CPU? Check out the article to find out. Read More
  • X58 + RTX 3080 Review

    I have finally got my hands on a RTX 3080. Over the pass few weeks I have been benchmarking and crunching data to bring the definitive X58 + RTX 3080 Review! It's exciting to see if a 2008 X58 platform can perform using the latest and greatest from Nvidia. Read More
  • X58 + RTX 3080 Production Benchmarks

    In my previous RTX 3080 article I focused mostly on the gaming aspects this time around I will try my best to provide production related workloads across several benchmarks. Read More
  • X58 CPU Performance with Nvidia's RTX 3080

    Once again I am benchmarking my reliable Intel X58 platform that was released in 2008.This article will give more information regarding the CPU bottleneck using my 6 Core 12 Thread - X5660 @ 4.6Ghz. I will also include my Intel X58 PCIe 2.0 results against modern computers. Read More
  • Resident Evil Village Performance Analysis

    Capcom has recently released their highly anticipated title, Resident Evil: Village. The game follows the Resident Evil 7 story arc and also follows the popular gameplay elements from RE 7. I will be analyzing RE: Village using my X58 and RTX 3080. Read More
  • Vega 64 2021 + X58 Review - Kana's FineWine Edition

    Since I have not been able to get my hands on a RTX 3000 or Radeon 6000 series GPU I have decided to write another article on the RX Vega 64. This article will be a bit different than my previous article from last year. Read More
  • Vega 64 2020 + X58 Review - Kana's FineWine Edition

    I finally got my hands on a RX Vega 64 LC to replace my R9 Fury X. I have benched the Radeon RX Vega 64 LC against 18 different games at multiple resolutions. This article includes roughly 64 individual benchmarks. Read More
  • AMD Fury X 2020 - Kana's FineWine Edition

    AMD is known to provide "FineWine" to gamers. Let's see how well the Fury X has performed in several games. I have benchmarked my stock Fury X and provided my results. Read More
  • X58 + RTX 3080 Incoming!

    So as I was finishing up my RX Vega 64 2021 Review a package was delivered at my door. Inside was one of the hottest and hard to find GPUs out right now. I was able to snag one near MSRP since I refuse to pay crazy scalpers prices. Read More
  • Nvidia & AMD This Is Why You Should NEVER Paper Launch A Product

    What does Nvidia, AMD and Intel all have in common; at some point they all have paper launched a product. As gamers attempt to get their hands on the latest and greatest from Nvidia and AMD they are facing an uphill battle against each other and bots. Read More
  • X5660 Full Review

    It was suggested to me that Intel’s best platform to date could be the X58-LGA1366. From the looks of it, that suggestion may have been correct. Moving into its sixth year in the market; the legacy X58\Tylersburg is still alive and kicking. Read More
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